Plumbing Your Tankless Water Heater – Tips and Instructions for Installation

A tankless water heater will heat your water when you open a hot water faucet. In other words, it doesn’t require a tank which is heated 24/7. Instead, it saves energy by heating the water you use as your need it. Your tankless water heater can be an Electric or a gas-fired condensing tankless water heater. The condensing unit is more efficient than the non-condensing type of tankless water heater.

Here is how Edmonton plumbing companies will install your tankless water heater for you.

Tools & Materials required for plumbing your tankless water heater:

§ Shutoff valve for gas and water
§ Copper Supply Pipe
§ Black gas pipe with pipe dope
§ Flux and Solder
§ Roof jack or vent termination
§ Cement and PVC primer
§ Screws
§ Pipe straps
§ Electrical tools
§ Spirit level
§ Propane torch
§ PVC pipe
§ Saw for cutting
§ Tubing Cutter
§ Pipe wrench
§ Channel-type pliers
§ A drill with screwdriver bit and hole saw
§ Tankless water heater with thermostat.

Installation Procedure
Choose the Right Location for the Unit: Place the water heater in an easily accessible place for servicing far away from any explosive materials. Safely mount the water heater to the wall with brackets and ensure that you drive the screws into the studs for secure installation. Use lag screws with shields or masonry screws if your wall is stone or brick.

Plan paths for Air Intake and Exhaust Vents: The planned path for the air intake and exhaust vent pipe must go out of your house at a code-authorized location. Building code requirements will specify how much distance must be between your installation and your eaves and windows if the exit location is a house wall. After that, cut the PVC pipe and assemble with fittings, making use of cement and primer. Install a condensate drain lifting on the air intake pipe at a point where it will be convenient for running the drain tube to a floor drain.

Run the Pipes Outside the House: Having achieved all the above, you can now run the pipes out of the house. Ensure that all horizontally-run pipes are slanting a little downward, and hold pipes with straps. Cut two holes for the pipes with the parts from a termination kit, slide in the interior flanges and run the pipes through the flanges and out of the wall. Affix a termination cap with screws on the outside and make sure you caulk the edges.

It is a good idea to consult with a certified plumber to make sure you correctly install the plumbing for your tankless water heater if you choose to do the installation yourself. You will love the luxury of instant, on-demand, hot water without the energy usage of a traditional tank water heater.

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